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All exhibitors please note:  That horticultural material to predominate unless otherwise stated in all classes. Any embellishments can be used throughout. No artificial flowers allowed unless stated otherwise. An exhibit is made of plant material, with or without accessories, WITHIN a space specified in this Schedule. Painted and/or artificially coloured plant material may be used unless otherwise stated in the Schedule.  In wiring classes please leave design detached for Judges to be able to handle the exhibits. Judging will be in accordance with the Floral Art Show Guide, 2022 (Parts 1,2 &3), The Royal Horticultural Society of NSW Inc. Bench space approx. 60 cm unless otherwise stated. The Judge’s decision is final.  Any exhibit placed on the show bench after 9.30am may not be judged. Official judging will commence 9.45am at every meeting. This applies for all meetings in 2023, with the exception of the November, 2023 meeting.  Please see notes relating to that meeting below.

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