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Floral Art Design Examples

While The RHS of NSW Inc. is primarily a horticultural-based Society, training is also given for accredited Floral Art judges.  These judges travel around the State giving lectures, training and workshops to teach the concepts of Floral Art.  They also judge floral art at shows.  To assist budding floral artists, the Society is enclosing some photos on this page to give clearer examples of specific floral art designs.  More information can be obtained by purchasing the Society’s “Floral Art Show Guide 2022” which sets out examples (pictorial and written) for specific designs.


Please see the Publications page for more information.  The photos shown here are for example purposes only.


The RHS of NSW Inc. wishes to thank the committee of the NSW Floral Art Association Inc. for granting permission for our website to link to a page on their website which refers specifically to floral art design standards. Please note, however, that the official descriptions may differ slightly from the RHS of NSW Floral Art Show Guide and where such differences apply, the RHS of NSW Floral Art Show Guide description will be the only official description recognised.


The URL link is:


We do ask that if you want to copy the images noted above, that you contact the society secretary to obtain appropriate written permission before you copy the images and certainly before they are used by you for any purpose.


If any of these images are used without permission the Society reserves the right to prosecute the user under the Copyright Act, so please just ask first!


The examples above will have both pictorial and written explanations.  These explanations are as per the RHS of NSW Inc “Floral Art Show Guide” 2022.

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